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    Miui + LorDmod = Problems for me

    Yeah same problem I been having in my BFS version kernel were if you try to undervolt it would cause the bootloop an wifi not to load as that were its stops in the boot process. GPS you could try changing the GPS server (Google that one) and then it case of leave to get a lock, mine works...
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    Desire HD camera- HD recording freezers

    yeah well it seems the HD recording is working now :) started working on pervious build to 1.3.4
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    BlueTooth audio problem with headsets and in-car BT kits for Desire HD

    getting bad audio (screeching sound) when using headsets or the in-car bluetooth happens trying to talk to people all you get is a screeching noise. this is for the Desire HD please find logcat attached
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    Desire HD camera- HD recording freezers

    when using 720p recording it stops working as soon as you press to record. i maded a logcat of the problem thanks