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    What's The Point Of Miui9

    I saw a video on youtube, this is link
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    What's The Point Of Miui9

    Yes quick reply notifications, split screen, new filesystem (have to check this, but it surely is f2fs) and a It is very very fast
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    Mi6 Can't Add Fingerprint

    Try a factory reset
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    Tomtom Go No Gps Fix

    Give permission to TomTom go app
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    Volte Not Updated Mi6

    On my MI6 there is VoLTE but if your carrier doesn't support MI6 ask your carrier
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    No Nextwork

    Yes but while you reflash you can also do flash and lock and will you have relocked your bootloader so you can have certified phone
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    No Nextwork

    R Reflash your rom with miflash
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    No Nextwork

    WiFi and other things works good?
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    No Nextwork

    Which rom do you have?
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    New Heating And Losing Too Much Battery

    try a factory reset of wait for next update
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    Router Pro (r3p) Blocking Wifi Printer Scanner

    reset your printer configuration and try again
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    Xiaomi Mi6 Only 148k On Antutu

    Temperature and other things can lower down or up the result I saw I guy with China stable scoring 183k