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    Samsung Infuse support

    any chance of getting this phone added to the list of supported phones ?
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    MIUI Community - What device do you want to see running MIUI?

    samsung Infuse yes we have ports but NOTHING OFFICIAL
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    would love to see this font for my MIUI
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    MIUI evo

    is it normal for the system usage to be at 32% ? seems high
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    1$ is fair in would pay that if it worked like it should from my phone duh
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    4g working on CM !!!!

    from twitter toastcfh WE DID IT @shinzul !!!!!!!!!! Wimax is now working in cm 5 minutes ago retweeted by me from HTC Peep
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    Camera shutter sound ?

    how do you turn this off ? looked in camera settings did not see anything
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    New Music app

    hmm will look in to it
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    New Music app

    Um that's where they are
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    New Music app

    i think im stupid lol how do i get it to see my albums on my sdcard ?
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    [Nov. 16 - ver.1.5.2] MIUI weather update

    Sexy from my phone duh
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    Miui backup apps

    hey all i updated to the newest build for the evo and did a full wipe and used miui backup to restore my apps etc etc etc everything installed fine but i can not get them to to show in my downloads tab in the market ? how can i fix this please
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    MIUI Gallery

    I got this from XDA works pretty good not sure if its the same thing. from my phone duh