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    Hi I am sorry for being so stupid...I did not realize that 2.7.6 refered to the date release. What I still don't know however is....Can you download a update package rather than the full zip. I may be wrong in this assumption also. Can someone please tell me . Thank you
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    Hi I have Miui Android 2.6.29 on my Samsung GS2 Gt-I9100 and love it, each week I look to see is an update available. Today I see 2.7.6 available . Is this this much different from what I have ??? or should I be waiting for an update to 2.6.29 only. My phone tells me that I have the latest...
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    New Apps

    Thank you both for your Kind help Chris
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    New Apps

    Hi I am a new user, I have 2.6.29 downloaded last week.Some Apps came with this Rom,but I wonder ed are there Apps Specially for MIUI somewhere that I can download.I do not seem to be able to find a Site devoted to Miui Apps
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    Moving From Scotland to Here

    Hi, I have been operating through MIUI Scotland until now, but have just got a notice Site is closing down. I am on build 2.6.15 at present. If I want to update to your latest version 2.6.29 can I just download the update Zip or do I have to Install the complete package. If so do I have to wipe...
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    Rooting SGs2

    I have a SGS2 GT-I9100 4.03 BaseBand I9100XXlPS.. I want to move to MIUI stable Rom, and I believe Gingerbread .9 is fairly Stable. What do I root with ( I have Rooted a HTC Desire last NOV and installed CyanogenMod 7.1 ) and how to Install , I am a new user so please be patient. I soft...