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    Some Facebook contacts are missing in MIUI

    Remove your facebook account.
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    Updating from 1.7.29

    thanks :rolleyes:
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    Updating from 1.7.29

    hello? anyone? please?
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    Updating from 1.7.29

    okay, you are kidding me, right? right?
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    Updating from 1.7.29

    I wanted to wait for the update one more week last time and then totally forgot about it. Can I update from 1.7.29 directly to tommorow's version without losing anything? I am ready to install CWM and the OTA updater then.
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    [MOD]MiUI Plus- The best addon mod[widgets,apps,wallpapers,themes & more]all versions

    Hey dude, can you do this for 1.8.5 too? Just a few suggestions: Can you remove the LG keyboard and make it a patchable? I think everyone should get to choose between the HTC IME and the LG IME. Remove Facebook, not much people use it and once it's installed once it can do not pretty stuff...
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    Gingerbread-MIUI ?

    So in 16 days miui is back alpha version and based on Gingerbeard! Yupee!!
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    Dell Streak MiUI

    Great to see another port :) Can't wait for first mdpi port! :D
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    No autofocus on video mode is where you suggest things
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    No autofocus on video mode

    Not the main thing they're focusing on right now. Remember this is still early beta/alpha!
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    New version so fast? 0.12.11

    awww f**k what am I supposed to do?
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    New version so fast? 0.12.11

    There is some kind of quick bugfix release out, 0.12.11. Any ideas?
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    Gingerbread-MIUI ?

    16 days after nexus s release, seems fair for me.
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    Change menu UI?

    Works for me on desire. Have you tried reflashing the rom?
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    Gingerbread-MIUI ?

    If they've already released the kernel's source and that stuff: The beta after this friday's beta. Or x-mas present, but that's the maximum. Otherwise as the kernel comes out, one unstable beta and next is going to be the one you'd flash.