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    In Progress 2.3.30 - Flashligh on when unlocking. - SGS2

    I dont have the latest version of miui but i still have the bug. SGS2 - miui version 2.9.16
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    New 2.8.31 SGS2 Bugs and issues

    Another thing is that is seems like battery usage is alot more in standby.. Also i can confirm the proximity sensor bug, which also seems to be on after screenlock/off.
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.24 Preview changelog

    Seems like samsung is gonna release JB for s2 around Septemer - October ! :)
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.24 Preview changelog

    Is there any difference from 4.0.3 ?
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    Xiaomi Xiaomi MI-2 Full video conference presentation

    Found this so hope the rumor is true :)
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    Xiaomi First Photos of the Xiaomi MI-2

    Looks too good to be true ... Will it be possible to order it to norway ?
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    In Progress 2.3.30 - Flashligh on when unlocking. - SGS2

    Agree seems like th bug came back with the last release..
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    Xiaomi The New Xiaomi M2 Launching Soon!

    How can i order the M2 to Norway ? is that possible ?
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.7.27 Changelog

    Seems like a nice small update =) Really early thou :)
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.7.20 Changelog

    any news about battery drain issue ? Eventually if its possble to remove the music app which i think is the cause.
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    In Progress Just an annoying pop up

    Where did you find this feature ? sounds like a really nice one ! =)
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    In Progress Music Player High CPU usage

    Another thing i noticed, when the screen is on the cpu is working at 200 mhz and when it is off 1200 mhz.
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    In Progress Music Player High CPU usage

    i'm only using spotify and spotify dosent usually use that much battery. Generally i think the rom lately uses alot more battery than usually. Remember back in the days of gb the phone lasted way longer than now. But yes i know GB was very stable and hardly bugs left. Ics is very new.
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    In Progress SGS2 - 2.7.6 - trouble battery drain!!

    I can confirm this issue, Cpuspy stats : 1200 :11% 800:2% 500:10% 200:56% Deep Sleep :19% Most of the time the phone was idle and charging.
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    New (SGS2 - v2.6.8) Soft reboot.

    Hello, In the latest update im again expiriencing soft reboots just about once a day. Suddenly the MIUI logo comes up on a black screen and reboots the software. Got two logcats just after the boot (the time is in the file name). In the log its written 2.6.1 but i have all the features of...