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    Universal Tool For Managing Mipad 2

    Papka my pad suddenly stop recognising on my PC It was working 2 days ago fine What should I do now
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    Instruction, How Root Your Mipad2

    Papka I just got a firmware from my mi pad 2 supplier It is probably miui latest rom Can you please tell me step by step how to flash this rom in my pad using your universal tool
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    Instruction, How Root Your Mipad2

    But if you search on Google for eligible devices for miui 9 In tablet section it shows only mi pad 2
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    Instruction, How Root Your Mipad2

    Hi papka Will mi pad 2 will get miui 9
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    Fake Miui Rom

    Guys I bought mi pad 2 from **********.com in January miui version MIUI Global 7.2 stable(LACCNDA) Is this original version or not If not what should I do then If I install a custom ROM then any problem? Related to stability and warrenty