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    MIUI 10.3 8.12.20

    Weekly to stable is downgrade so factory reset will do the trick. [emoji6]
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    New stable release after every 40 days you mean? Where did you hear that? Source please?
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    Depends what is new? There is already 10.1 stable released for Mido devices.
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    What is the latest Eu ROM for Hennessy (MTK)

    8.1.25 is the last one.
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    MIUI 10 8.9.13

    There is no Global stable for Mi Max 3 yet.
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    MIUI 10 8.9.6

    Format data reboot twrp and install eu rom.
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    MIUI 10 8.9.6

    Google "How to flash TWRP on phone X".
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    MIUI 10 8.9.6

    You need to flash magisk every time you flash rom.
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    Sound on my handset ear microfon

    Reassemble it again, there could be a loose connection.
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    MIUI 10 8.9.6

    And your device is?
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    MIUI 10 8.9.6

    Disable Updater app notifications then if you don't like them. Settings, Installed Apps, Updater, Notifications, Show Notifications -> disable.
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    [8.9.6] [RN3SE] WhatsApp button text overlay on floating notification

    When I receive WhatsApp message the first floating notification message is displayed normally and if I don't read it and second message comes through the floating notification Answer and Mark as read buttons overlay the other text. See attachment.
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    8.8.30 (Kate) Telegram X notification sound get through when DND on

    At the moment I have seen only Telegram X app's notification sounds get through while DND is on.
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    MIUI 10 8.8.9

    You need officially unlocked bootloader
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    MIUI 10 8.8.2/3

    Don't adwise to clean system as it is not needed.