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    Advice for TWRP

    Hello dear people on this forum I am in need of some advice so here I am :) I have an issue with updates on my Poco F2 Pro (weekly) and i have currently TWRP 3.4.2B-1206 by wzsx150 installed. When a new update comes along, I download it and restart in recovery: I am asked to type my screen...
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    MIUI 12.5 21.2.3/4

    I dont know but the new version seems to be buggy for the poco f2 :/ I noticed some other bugs myself ( which i posted in the bugs section like the rules demand)
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    New Couple bugs Poco F2 Pro, 21.2.4

    Hello Guys this is my second post so dont rage on me right away Yesterday i clean installed the new weekly version of (21.2.4) for the first time. My Phone is a "Poco F2 Pro" and i do not have root. Overall i am very pleased but i do noticed couple bugs therefore i wanted to ask if...
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    Poco F2 Pro and questions before flashing and rooting

    Regarding the initial question how safe is the TWRP by LR.Team/wzsx150 did somebody checked the code from the team ? Since i did not found a GitHub page for it. Since i see mauronofrio's TWRP has open source attitude. Thanks in advance for answering my amateur question(pls dont lynch me :P )