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    Alarm clock app not waking screen

    I'm using "Alarm Clock Extreme" as my morning wake up on my Mi8SE, but its not waking the screen to show the "Snooze" and "Dismiss" buttons which it has. On my previous phone it was always working correctly, do I need to give the app some kind of permissions to allow it to wake the screen? I...
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    No notifications on lock screen

    I'm seeing no notification on the lock screen what so ever, no SMS, no alarm clocks, no application notifications incl facebook and whatsapp. The front LED is not lighting up either in any way to signal notifications, maybe this is the default behavior? I have a Mi 8 SE with the latest...
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    Possible to install Magisk 18.1 on Mi 8 SE?

    If thats the case, which version of the Magisk Manager corresponds to Magisk 16.6? Edit: It's 5.8.0.
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    Possible to install Magisk 18.1 on Mi 8 SE?

    Running TWRP to root the Mi8SE by the built-in menu option installs magisk 16.6, but the current version is 18.1. I tried flashing the 18.1 zip, but the phone gets stuck in a boot loop after that. Is there a special procedure to install 18.1, or is it simply not possible? I can't install the...
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    Mi 8 SE not able to flash TWRP?

    Excellent, seems to work. Is it possible to root the phone with magisk? Tried flashing the latest magisk 18.1 but I get an error in the TWRP process.
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    Mi 8 SE not able to flash TWRP?

    I'm trying to restore my Google backup on my new Mi 8 SE ( rom installed from seller) but I didn't get the option on booting the new phone, and I cant find anywhere in the settings that would allow this either? So I'm thinking I will flash the latest TWRP recovery and then the latest...