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    Settings/display settings/prevent misuse Sent from my LT26i powered by MIUI
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    Thanks for the explanation it all makes sense now Sent from my LT26i powered by MIUI
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    Only problem I've got this week seems to be sometimes when I go to unlock the phone I get something flashing up that says misuse mode activated , not sure why that flashes up and it does disappear. Does anyone know what it is and how to stop it. Never noticed it before this week Sent from my...
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    Flipboard (small) issue

    Anyone who uses this app noticed sometimes flipping through the stories some of them have random chinese writing on the front. Only happens on MIUI for me. When you press onto it tp read the story its all ok, so not a big problem just a small niggle. Any ideas how to fix it , I've attached a...
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    New xperia s sms theme problem/bug (unsure)

    Yeah I get this, only thing I do is change the sms theme to a light one Sent from my LT26i powered by MIUI