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    MIUI 11.1 9.10.24

    downloading..Redmi Note 5
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    how can use ambient display in Redmi Note 5? I already setup,but not work
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    just installed on my RN5
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    Watermark Redmi Note 5

    Hi guys How to set up watermark because, my matermark date not show on photo, I allready set in my device
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    TWRP Encrypted data. How to update?

    I used SD card for changed TWRP
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    Thanks for your advices sir..
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    Just installed on RN5, TWRP changed from orangefox to Redwolf
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    Invalid [9.3.28 and never] [WHYRED] [Redmi Note 5 (Pro)] Boot screen (splash.img) stretched

    Just installed today, not found any issue
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    whyred Miui 10 Stable is out

    Just installed this ROM, couldn't give review yet