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    send to picasa

    I have send to picasa in my gallary as option. Are you sure you have intalled picasa app and logged in?
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    1.8.19 - Mobile Network connection problems

    Hi I also have Sweden 3G and Telia when swithing to 2G. I´ve never experience a problem finding the operator. X10 MIUI 1.8.19. My problem is however that many times per day when it automaticly swithes to 2G/3G or reverse, the data traffic stops. I am not able to use market/web. I´m then...
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    Gingerbread keyboard suggestions?

    Hi, I read this article and you can make your own modded keyboard online. Article: Theme tool: Don´t forget that you must registrate an account :) Just downloaded the green modden HTC keyborad on my MIUI...