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    MIUI 12.6 21.12.8 - Last MIUI 12

    Very good job, battery has been improved significantly! Poco F2 Pro Question: Is there a TWRP that works for lmi?
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    MIUI 12.6 21.12.1

    ok, fixed it question: TWRP can't be used in this A12 version? because I get only a TWRP folder and 2 files that I moved from my PC but not the other folders from my phone... I want to root with magisk
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    MIUI 12.6 21.12.1

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    MIUI 12.6 21.12.1

    of course I did... but nothing happens...
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    MIUI 12.6 21.12.1

    Guys what happens? when I updated to 21.11.30 on poco f2 pro (lmi), I wanted to install root via TWRP, but it seems it didn't work... tried to reinstall TWRP, it didn't ask any password but I had 0MB Internal Storage... did a format and I'm trying to install rom with...
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    MIUI 12.6 21.10.27/28

    Hello to everyone! I had a problem with this version and the previous one (Poco F2 Pro/K30 Pro)... couldn't use Mi Messaging to send messages... now I uninstalled the app to install a newer version that I found and it doesn't even open... What can I do?
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    MIUI 12.6 21.9.1

    Poco F2 Pro, Fingerprint doesn't work :/
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    Messenger Bubbles or Chat Heads? And dual 5G?

    Hello guys! I'm about to install ROM on my Poco F2 Pro (still haven't decided between weekly and stable) and I have 2 questions (the 2nd may be silly) 1) Chat heads from Messenger are the good old ones or we still have these new bad bubbles? 2) Your ROM supports dual 5G (on both SIM...