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    Disable rounded corners software setting?

    the rounded corner physically its used on the notch space which its why its ridiculous to have a rounded corner below the notch if its a normal part of the screen no point in round it there
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    Disable rounded corners software setting?

    wondering the same thing, on my pocophone f1, the rounded corners its horrible and waste space
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    developer options notch disabling like pixel 3xl option?
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    New Xiaomi Mi 5x, Miui 9 8.1.25 Beta, Preferred Networks Issue

    anyone? anyways, i kind of found a temporal solution to this, using network signal guru app then using lock RAT tab to make it only 2g or 3g or LTE.. it is not the best but it does the job.... for anyone having the same problem.
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    New Amazon Appstore Bug!

    oh, so that was the solution, I was wondering why the heck it would not install my paid apps from the amazon appstore. I clicked Install every time and after it downloaded, nothing happened and it would not install... I just ticked off the miui optimization thing and tried again, boom...
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    New Xiaomi Mi 5x, Miui 9 8.1.25 Beta, Preferred Networks Issue

    Hello, I can't change between 2g 3g or LTE LTE in Mobile networks, preferred networks. If you could add back that option it would be great because I can't get good signal everywhere and I have to toggle between networks to even get some signal for calls. Attached in the first two images how I...
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    8.1.25 V2

    that is right, i just did that and it is not cool, the sms did not want to arrive and when it arrived, the page already expired, then it said something that my ip or my country ip had too much tries and i had to wait, both on the page and on the sms sending... in the end, i had to use a vpn to...
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    long time no see.

    long time no see.
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    Updating from v5 to v6?

    wiped cache only, but not data.. not sure if its related.
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    Updating from v5 to v6?

    ehm, im having the same problem as the Bombtrack.. what do i do.?
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    Updating from v5 to v6?

    what do you mean flash the beta build first? i just downloaded the Mi-2/s V6 4.4 rom and about to install it from the recovery.. do i have to do something extra?
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    Instagram issues?

    it seems that instagram have issue on mi2 on newer versions =/
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    Mokee OS for mi-one Android 4.4.4

    While this its an old device and maybe people forgot about it its still being updated with new custom roms one that i found out at miui spain forum its this one, its based on AOSP and CM here its more info in spanish...
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    MULTI 4.3.28

    there are still people with mi-one if xiaomi its releasing the rom i dont think its difficult to make an english only rom. or maybe force people to expand the partition size so it can fit, there its a guide at miui Spain because of system partition limitations there are many ways other than...
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    MULTI 4.3.7

    wondering the same thing Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk 2