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    Samsung Notes Port isn't working

    Hey! I've got Xiaomi 12, with MIUI 13 stable version ROM. I wanted to install Samsung Notes port on my phone and I managed to get at least 4 different ported APKs and installation was successful. Altough, The inside note page is greyed out and cannot be written in. When leaving the...
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    [GUIDE][cupid|psyche|zeus] How to install ROM for Xiaomi 12 / 12X / 12Pro

    Thank you so much! And I have a question, Flashing directly from fastboot, won't accidentally relock the bootloader?
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    Xiaomi EU Rom for Xiaomi 12

    Hey! Where is it?
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    Xiaomi EU Rom for Xiaomi 12

    Hey :) First of all, thank you for the amazing job of creating these ROMS! I'm pro in this field and flashed almost every phone I've had haha. Wanted to ask, when +- will a custom rom be available for Xiaomi 12? And even based on other devices that came out, after how long a eu rom is available...