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    1.9.16 trying to update to 1.9.9

    Same here (Desire GSM), however I'm a bit more annoyed, because it tried to download several times autonomously.
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    Wifi network settings - keeps resetting

    Funnily enough, yesterday it did not happen. So really, I have no idea what made it reset before. I keep observing.
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    Wifi network settings - keeps resetting

    In case a Phase 2 authentication has been specified, the setting is beeing reset to "none" after a connection has been established (my guess). Thereafter, trying to change the setting again will fail. My only solution so far is to delete the wifi profile and reenter all settings. Unfortunately I...
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    Wifi policy

    I know there is tasker, but would I be the only one who'd like to have a bit more customisation options than, "screen off", "never off when charged", "never off"? In principal I'd like my wifi to turn on every x minutes for y seconds, connect with an available profile if possible, so...
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    HTC Desire Battery Life

    I have to admit, battery life is excellent with Miui compared to Sense. Did you try reseting your battery stats? May your battery be getting old? Programs running that are not performance logged? Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App
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    Short messages fail to send

    Very short text messages (in this case 'ja?') fail to send. No problem with longer messages or anything else. Not sure if any one else can confirm. Desire Gsm Miui 1.5.13 Language Pack Dark Theme applied Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App
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    i rely love miui, but i rely hate miui

    I think he wishes to be able to name the numbers/categories themselves. If you have multiple mobile numbers and cannot remember which one is used for what occasion, this might be helpful. The easiest solution would be not to save them both as 'mobile' but one of them as 'work' for example. ---...
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    STILL NO AP2SD ???????????

    Do you have an ext3 partition on your sd-card?