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    Music doesn't switch off on answering a call - HTC Desire

    I just experienced this problem with the stock music player on build 1.10.8. I was listening to some music, a call came in but the player didn't stop. Caller didn't hear the music but I could. Seems to be a bug as I couldn't find any settings relating to the issue within the music player.
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    MIUI music player on permanent shuffle

    Has anyone experienced a problem with the music player being on permanent shuffle? I turned on the shuffle a few days ago but now I can't turn it off. I thought applying the latest build may restore the settings to default but the music player continues to play albums in random order. Any...
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    Delay In Answering Calls

    This issue is supposed to be fixed. I experienced the same problem on my HTC Desire but it was resolved several builds ago. I'm trying to find the correct change log detailing the fix. Has the problem always occurred for you since going to the Miui ROM? Have you tried using a stable version?
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    1.8.19 - Music player skips a track when receiving text message

    I'm not sure if this issue is present in previous builds as I have only really started using the music player in build 1.8.19. The problem occurs when I have the player running and the screen locked. When I receive a text message when listening to some music, the player will skip back a...
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    Frequent reboots/boot loops on Desire GSM/1.7.2

    I've been experiencing reboots when using 1.7.1 on my HTC desire. It seems to happen when entering the password at the lockscreen. I'm using a custom theme as well.
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    New lockscreen in 1.6.17

    Thanks Andy. I seen the replies in the post on the home page. I was able to apply the zip file and import the lockscreens. Cheers!
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    1.6.17 language pack issues

    My apologies, you are right. I tried with another theme and the name is reflected correctly.
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    New lockscreen in 1.6.17

    I've been trying to enable the new lockscreens but can't find them. Has anyone been able to try them out? If so how do they look and how do you enable them?
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    1.6.17 language pack issues

    As always Mark thanks for your efforts. I did notice that there is some chinese text present in the theme manager. If you open Theme manager there is chinese text under 'Edit Theme'. If you go into edit theme you can see chinese text present for most of the options.
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    MIUI Lockscreen?

    This weeks build may help you out as it looks as though you will be able to customise the lockscreen considerably. Checkout the change log and screenshots on the home page.
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    Missing "Current" graphic overlay in Theme Manager

    I was having this issue also but using the latest build and language pack (HTC Desire) resolved the problem for me. I had to wipe the cache partition and dalvik cache for this to work.
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    APN settings

    I'm trying to modify my APN settings so that I can access my mms texts. However whenever I modify an existing APN or add a new one, I am unable to select it, the radio button isn't present for the APN I want to enable. Is there an additional setting that I am missing? Any help would be...