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    wipe cache

    How do we do wipe cache in poco x3 pro?
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    cell Standby

    it was fix with android 12
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    Google Call App

    how does "sim accounts" fix ?
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    cpu-z and 855+ cpu
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    cell Standby

    cell standby is too much ,what can i do ?
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    New Cell standby

    it comes back to its old level very quickly , i tried both
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    New Cell standby

    me too MIUI 12.5.3 global
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    Messages that do not arrive after a while

    If I do not touch the phone, there will be no notifications (push messages) in about an hour I done factory reset,... etc When I open the lock screen of the phone,all coming My phone redmi 5 plus 3/32 global and rom 9.2 what will i do ?
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    Replacement Part Problem - No Signal

    capacitors are different , replace
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    Redmi Note 2 Battery
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    Redmi Note 2 Battery

    I see but I think the connecting part is adjustable...
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    Redmi Note 2 Battery

    Does Redmi Note 3 Battery fit redmi Note 2 one
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    Miui 7 Eu Stable Rom

    thank you :)
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    Miui 7 Eu Stable Rom

    What is Security application version number in