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    Google search does not work with 1.4.8

    Is it me or it just doesn't work? I'm on N1 1.4.8
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    MIUI release patch for theme manager
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    check this out!
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    a2sd miui 1.22

    I'm on Nexus One so it could be different... After the upgrade, I got similar message (no space available). Luckily, i have a few kb left, enough to launch terminal and run the cachesd command by a2sd. The problem I believe is that dalvik cache is moved to phone memory after the update. Just...
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    Make sure you have the card partition the right way (ext3, best is to use ROM manager) Try to run in terminal the following codes to reinstall a2sd: a2sd reinstall
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    Auto Brightness?

    same bug on nexus one
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    MIUI File Explorer

    Just mount your phone as a network disk in windows or MAC. Pretty simple. Google it.
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    Miui 12.3 mms question

    MMS works fine for me on the new pack 1d. Can send and receive. Are you sure you have your MMS service settings correct? (Can't help you there, better ask your service provider)
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    Miui 12.3 mms question

    misread the question.
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    Miui 12.3 mms question

    Try to pull just the mms.apk in pack 1d and push it to your /system/app using adb or root explorer. Should change the text replacement.
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    Quick guide for translation of the ROM

    Found the answer. I didn't sign it (as directed in the translation thread, which will not make it work). I use Apk Manager for this, quite simple and straight forward.
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    Quick guide for translation of the ROM

    Hi all, I wanted to try translating some app myself. I followed the guide from XDA to use apktool to decompile the apk files, change a few strings. However, when I compile it again (apktool b), the file size is slightly larger than the original file (way more than the change), and META-INF...
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    Chinese ROM Security Concerns

    The thing is what they are going to do with the data. If it's a chinese government backed organization and you're a Chinese citizen, you're ****ed. For foreigners, I don't think it's going to be a problem. Again, if the concern was addressed with TCP dump, it's should be safe then.
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    Google Earth in MIUI 0.11.26

    fake T-Mobile (US) market before searching for Earth (easiest way is to search for all apps from google inc.) I did it and installed google earth alright
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    .26 what's new

    The keyboard reset is due to the fact that you have one of the keyboard installed in SD card. This app in SD bug will clear most of the default choices (same thing goes for home launcher, etc). Fix: move all the keyboard to phone memory.