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    Onclite v12.5.3.0 Firmware

    Ya encontré una solución en mi caso particular, lo que hice fue irme a las propiedades de la app de google play store y borrar todos los datos, no las actualizaciones ni el cache. I already found a solution in my particular case, what I did was go to the properties of the google play store app...
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    Onclite v12.5.3.0 Firmware

    Hola, segui las instrucciones y todo funciono de maravilla, de hecho la rom funciona de manera mas fluida que la miui y no tuve problemas, tuve que actualizar porque no verifique un problema que se resolvia con Magisk con un juego que decia que el telefono tenia malware cuando...
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    Concerning xiaomi.eu_multi_HM7_V11.0.3.0

    I did the procedure with in its version of MIUI 12 for the redmi 7, I installed magisk at the same time and then everything was fine. Now what I want to know is if there is a risk with having the magisk for an inexperienced user and if I can uninstall it without any problem?
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    Doubts about miui 12 installation - urgent help

    I would like to know if when doing the complete procedure to change the rom, that is, unlocking the phone, installing the rom from and installing magisk, etc., would the phone signal be lost? my question is for the redmi 7 version of 3gb of ram and 32gb rom at the moment since it has...