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    [WEEKLY] Confirmed Issues & FAQ

    It's the same with MI8 (dipper).
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    And vodka, let's start the party.
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    Original 8.12.27 kernel?

    Download eu 8.12.27, extract it and find boot.img Then flash it with twrp
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    Now AOD with a custom.theme is working?
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    I have AOD white and If I unlock it, I got a black screen, cannot use it. Is it a bug of 8.11.1 for mi8 (dipper)?
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    [WEEKLY] Confirmed Issues & FAQ

    Confirm badge and lockscreen.
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    New [Mi8 - 8.10.12] Camera not working [Resolved]

    Try to flash a persist.img. Check on xda
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    New Mi 8 bugs 8.10.11

    Facebook's app dont work, it say there isn't a connection
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    New Mi 8 bugs 8.10.11

    AOD dont work (dont see the watch....)
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    AOD BUG dont show thr watch mi8 8.10.12 full wipe
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    [WEEKLY] Confirmed Issues & FAQ

    Mi8 AOD bug (dont show the watch) 8.10.12 Full clean wipe.
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    AOD on mi8 don't works @gulp79 work for you?
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    WiFi turns on automatically

    8.8.30 is a old weekly (beta) rom on android 8.1. If you want a fix this bug, you need to flash XIAOMI.EU stables.
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    Notifications on Always On Display are not working.

    No, all have this issue. Wait Xiaomi for fix it.