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    [REQ] Center Clock for my Xperia

    LOL made my evening!
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    MIUI Australia returning...

    Fabulous news! We desperately want the MIUI Control Panel working again! I am sure I speak for vast majority of the MIUI users it has been missed on V5. We took it for granted on V3 and V4 so make that one of your priority please!!
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.6.7 Changelog

    Samsung Galaxy s3 LTE i9305 has been getting ports for the last month or so directly from MIUI China. Mark can you add it to this forum? I can provide link if you want.
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    Elite Pro Hd Weather

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    Cant find the apps package names on data/app!!?

    I am having problems finding the directory path to package names of the apps. They are normally stored in data/app however not all of them are there. So can somebody tell me where they have shifted it to??
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.2.22 (Final V4 Release!)

    I wish it was added to the MIUI portfolio cos 4g is going to be mainstream in UK this year. All the UK networks will roll out 4g this summer..
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 3.2.22 (Final V4 Release!)

    Will Samsung Galaxy s3 LTE (I9305) get some MIUI love on V5? I miss this rom I havent used it since I retired my HTC Desire last year...
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    MIUI for Samsung Galaxy i9305

    I would love to see this device get some MIUI goodness! Its basically the 4g version of the i9300 so I am surprised its not got some MIUI love...
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    Elite Pro Hd Weather

    Hey guys I dunno if you remember this widget.. Its couple of years old now but I still love it. Few months ago it stopped working cos google pulled the plug on the weather server this widget relies upon. Can somebody add another weather server on it and optimize it for v5?? Much appreciated!
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    Market update- Icon changed

    I found the answer guys! Change it to ""
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    Market update- Icon changed

    Thanks. Any luck?
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    Market update- Icon changed

    For anyone that has updated market to 3.4.7 you will notice its now called Google Play Store and the icon is this icon is shown as unthemed piece in my theme which kinda sucks as I like all the normal apps and system apps to be themed.. Anybody know of a way I can get the themes...
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    MIUIandroid forum app doesnt work anymore!!??

    Hi guys I have been using the forum app for a while now but this week Its stopped working!? Has anybody noticed that? Has anybody got a working miuiandroid apk?
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    MIUI Control Panel App/ Statusbar Options/ Battery Options/ toggle ON to show battery. Then go to Settings/ System/ Battery Settings/ Battery Indicator Style.. Take you pick!