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    MIUI Wish List

    Hide apps and folders!
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    Hide apps or folder

    yes please..i want miui to have a feature to hide apps/folders
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    Removing MIUI bloatware

    i really love miui and always keep coming back to it after running other roms but some of the extra apps annoy me a lot since i have no use for them. stuff like the statistics or movie app. i'm kind of familiar with removing system apps using ES explorer or Titanium backup. can someone please...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.9.21 Changelog

    Please change the music seeker slider so its bigger and easier to move..its hard to seek with accuracy within a mix and especially if you're on the move
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.24 Preview changelog

    Agreed. And what happened to the detailed battery stats? Loving the weekly updates and getting the best battery life for me yet. Currently 2d7hrs with 13% left
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    Samsung Galaxy SII - Bugs in the latest rom (2.8.17)

    not sure if this has been mentioned yet but the Torch is extremely sensitive i find when unlocking my phone. it randomly turns on and the only way to turn it off is to lock, unlock and manually turn off the Torch using the status bar shortcut i'm using 2.8.10 but my guess is this bug still exists
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    [REQ] SMS - time delay upon sending

    I'm not sure where to post this but I thought I'd try here. One of my fave features from when I used the Handcent sms app and biteSms (for iphone) was the option to have a small customisable time delay when you hit send. Essentially a small time window to change something or to cancel (second...
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.5.25 Change log [ICS]

    FaceUnlock? awesome! i wanna try this:D
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    Xiaomi MIUI Home (Launcher) now NATIVE for all ICS devices!

    if you want a simple appdrawer for MIUI, check out AltDrawer
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    Preview MIUI Alarm Clock - Stopwatch function coming this week

    Awesome! Thanks for the addition and taking our feedback into consideration!!
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    Preview MIUI ROM v4 New 'Common' Settings coming this week

    May I suggest that the Clock app include a stopwatch timer of sorts?
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    notification bar - black on black text (dark themes)

    is there a way to edit the text so i can use dark themes? right now, the text is black so i'm forced to use lighter themes to read. i know you have to edit an xml file but i'm not sure which one and where?
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    Default font

    hey. i really love MIUI and have been using it for a few days for the first time ever. awesome stuff but i'm having trouble changing the 'default' font. i change it but it seems to change back to what it was before after a while. i really don't like looking at this font for an extended period of...
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    How to change font color on notification bar

    its very pretty much forced to use white/lighter coloured notification bar themes :(