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    [MOD] [3.2.22] Control Panel Suite [DISCONTINUED]

    MIUI Music is nice looking but still doesn't support normal playlists, that would be fine if just listened to music at random. I like changing the track using volume control, it just isn't enough to give up using miui, I just don't use my phone to listen to music as often.
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    New SGS2 MIUI 2.6.8 Bugs

    I'd try a factory reset and reinstall of miui. I have a SGS2 (international) and haven't experienced any of these. I can't vouch for the lock background as I don't use it. Keyboard works fine, I'm using swiftkeyX. Lockscreen is working good for me, and the status toggle works fine, I use it...
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    Amazing music player

    Agreed, I use 5 playlists, have over 1000 songs, I don't really want to waste the time making playlists on a phone that I already have in itunes, when every other music player on android supports m3u. I know the devs never plan on supporting m3u again, it might have something to do with the...
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    Resolved Miui V4 Lockscreen

    I'll just use a lockscreen that doesn't turn the music off every time I unlock the phone, I do like the default miui player, but as it doesn't seem to support the generic playlist used by just about everything else, and has it's own db file, I'll stick to 3rd party music players.
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    Resolved Miui V4 Lockscreen

    When using 3rd Party Music player (doubletwist) unlocking the phone while the lockscreen is switch to player mode will stop the music. Miui player is not effected and haven't tried other 3rd party players.
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    Facebook sycn isnt a option! miui 2.3.16 ICS

    Also have tried other ICS ports (including samsung official) this is the first time it's not been an option. I don't have sync in the facebook app, and clicking facebook under the sync settings area does nothing.