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    MULTI 6.3.17

    In my MIPAD2 occurs error install failed! ( signature verification failed) actually I've developer china from I'm flashing via Mi Recovery It's possible file corrupted? thanks
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    Playstore Error 963

    same error with mi pad 2
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    MULTI 5.5.22

    thanks a lot!
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    MULTI 5.5.22

    I just commented same problem on this post!!:
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    MULTI 5.5.15

    I use a redmi note 4g lte
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    MULTI 5.5.15

    No... I installed the ROM two times more, and always with same result. The solution was reinstall ROM and don't create the weather widget! I believe that it's a bug. Thanks
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    MULTI 5.5.15

    Hi! I found a important bug on this version: when you creates a weather widget in desktop, the launcher crashes constantly, without option to manage anything. I tried rebooting terminal, and have made wipes witout lucky. The solution was installing rom again from recovery!
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    Xiaomi Mikey App 3.0.1

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    MULTI 5.1.23

    where is mi key in this rom?? and failed to install apk mi key! someone with this problem?
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    MULTI 5.1.9

    please, can someone tell me the difference between version 5.1.9 and 5.1.10 on note 4g rom? I don't understand thanks