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    using other launchers, the notification bar is no longer transparent

    Post a suggestion into the MIUI Guestbook or their Facebook page.
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    "colorize widget" in the launcher MIUI

    Right now there's no support for scrolling widgets in the MIUI Launcher. If you want to use Colorize Widget, you'll have to use ADW.Launcher, LiveHome, OpenHome or Go Launcher. That's the one thing I don't like about MIUI, because it's quite a nice feature for a social feed or agenda widget...
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    MIUI Lockscreen?

    I assume that this is what you mean: This was the Lockscreen in previous Froyo-releases. Since the release of MIUI based on Gingerbread we got the slim one with the clock in the middle
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    MIUI 1.3.18 2.2 Froyo lockscreen

    Yeah I totaly agree! The old charging indicator was so cool. I also prefer to see the date without having to tap the slider.
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    Pea Pod Translation

    You could try the MyPhoneExplorer: With this suite you can sync your Android Phone via WiFi or USB with Outlook or Thunderbird, take screenshots, write SMS directly from the PC or make phone calls. As far as I know there should be an English version I'm...
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    Is anyone else glad that MIUI is not open source?

    In my opinion the devs should release some parts of the code to the public or some chosen talented developers out there. They could make things like MIUI Weather work outside China or fix the Facebook issues due the lack of access to the social network in China. It would also be cool if MIUI...
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    Web version of Android Market not pushing installs to phone

    I'm on the MIUI_Au 1.1.28 ROM and have no issues with the web store
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    Some Wishes for One of the next Versions

    Yes please! This would be so awesome!
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    HTC sense keynote

    Right now there is no way to get Sense Widgets running on a non Sense based ROM. You could install Launcher Pro Plus which has similar Widgets but you can't use them in the MIUI Launcher. I'm still hoping that the MIUI-guys will create some nice sense-style Widgets themselves :) You can get...
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    +1 Some cool Sense/Launcher Pro kind of widgets would be great. But just the support of scrolling widgets would be a great step forward in making the MIUI launcher even more awesome. Some other suggestions: resizable widgets, custom icon grid