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    Global Official ROM?

    You're welcome! Please feel free to answer me all your doubts, I'll try to guide you Enviado desde mi MI PAD 4 PLUS mediante Tapatalk
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    Global Official ROM?

    Sorry @KamakuTiu I can only provide you a good link in spanish, not sure if you can work with it (from your nick I think you can be from Catalunya in a strange way...) The link:
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    Global Official ROM?

    There is no pain, you just have to follow a good tutorial, and your Mipad 4 plus will be in Miui 10, in your language, with google and with OTA! The only bad new is that you'll have to wait a mounth to unlock your bootloader
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    How To Easily Install Twrp Recovery

    Hi! Anyone knows how to update Mipad to the last versiones of There is Mocha Rom, but always call for TWRP recovery, and I cannot find something different to CWM recovery in the list for my MOCHA Mipad. Sorry if someone answered this cuestión before... Editado: no problem, yesterday...