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    File Manager disappeared in 1.6.24

    You mean File Explorer? Its ok on my Nexus S.
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    [Q] Dialer layout and SMS contacts

    Hi guys. My country phone numbers layout are like these (xx) xxxx - xxxx But since I started using android, I could not make dailer show the numbers in this order. It shows something like (xxx) xxx - xxxx Is there any way to change this? Or this is something I have to live with...
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    [REQ] to improve MIUI for next release.

    I wish MIUI has a native option to choose bootup programs.
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    But for embedded art have to edit its id3tag right? Or can I put a jpg into the album folder to use it as album art? My player always find the wrong album art. Where can I delete the art?
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    Gingerbread launcher

    Hi Lith, thank you very much for your help. I installed your custom launcher via file manager, and I could load the home screen normally, but I could not see my programs at Drawer (same problem with Market ggb launchers). Is there something I'm missing? Thanks again
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    Gingerbread launcher

    Hi, I try to extract the launcher from my backup (Stock ROM), and it says that launcher is a system app, if I want to replace. I just want to have both, but if I push this file to system/app, I'll probably lose my MIUI launcher. Is there any way to solve that? Even if I have to install a custom...
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    Gingerbread launcher

    Hi guys, I started to use MIUI on my nexus s and Im really loving it. Its amazing and looks clean and beauty. But sometimes, I really want to use my old gingerbread launcher, with that 3D effect and everything. I try to install some market versions of gingerbread launcher, but none works...
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    Translation not working - 1.5.13 Nexus S

    Hi guys, I try to flash the new MIUI today, but I could not get translation to work. I flashed it after loading the MIUI, and try to select in the language menu. Somethings get translated, but most things dont I have a Nexus S (as title says =D). Anyone could translate it?
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    Ip prefix

    Hi, I used to have CM7 in my Nexus S, and I had an app that automatically puts the ip-prefix for all my calls (I'm Brazillian, and I use TIM code 041 to make cheaper calls). This app doesnt work on my MIUI 1.5.6 based on android 2.3.4. The option to add a prefix of MIUI dont do it...