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    7.x Nougat On Redmi 2 (2014813 -> 2/16)

    Hi @all, due to the fact that it seems Redmi 2 is abandoned (whyever) my question is, if someone already successfully tried some other ROMs. looks really promising (lineage/ressurectionRemix) Pro/cons ? (battery/heat/performance) Is it...
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    What Does Redmi 2 5.1 Suspended Means ?

    Hi there, what does Redmi 2 5.1 suspended means on ROM download page ? Is it just delayed / paused temporarely or is it abandoned permanently ? If abandoned -> is there an alternative to pick another ROM for this device (i really like your ROM files - always working like a charm)
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    Android 6 For Redmi 2 ?

    Is there an MIUI 8 + Android 6 ROM availlable for The Redmi 2 (2/16) aside from using CM13 or any kind of custom OS roms ? Seen an "omega" entry in the ROM download section HMPro with OS 6.0 -> guess this will not work on the device or ?
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    Difference Between Rom Hm2xtd (hm2014813) And Hm2xtdpro (wt86047) ?

    No - i just installed the weekly HM2XTD stuff from here until i tried out the same steps with the HM2XTDPRO. The MI-Logo has been "stuck" (with "... by android" at the bottom in small letters") for quite some time on my side as well but definitely no more than 5 minutes until the "update...
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    Difference Between Rom Hm2xtd (hm2014813) And Hm2xtdpro (wt86047) ?

    Hi there, i've been updating my device like i've mentioned in post #3 (copied the HM2XTDPRO file to the device -> booted into recovery mode (twrp) -> installed the file -> wiped dalvic cache -> reboot and wait for the update to be completed.) As you can see nothing special at all (did the same...
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    Difference Between Rom Hm2xtd (hm2014813) And Hm2xtdpro (wt86047) ?

    Just to give a feedback : 1. update (using HM2XTDPRO file with the steps i mentioned above) worked like a charm 2. all apps and settings are still there (OS is 5.1.1 now) 3. my personal impression : anything works way smoother and is faster 4. memory usage is the same like before (using HM2XTD...
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    Difference Between Rom Hm2xtd (hm2014813) And Hm2xtdpro (wt86047) ?

    thanks for the fast answer :) Actually i'm doing the following steps to update (using the weekly ones only) : 1. rename the download HM2XTD file to "" -> store it on my device 2. reboot the device into recovery mode (twrp is installed from previous updates this way) 3. performing the...
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    Difference Between Rom Hm2xtd (hm2014813) And Hm2xtdpro (wt86047) ?

    Hi there, i've got a Redmi 2 (2/16) and behind the battery it's stated HM2014813 TDD-LTE.... on the package it's TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM Handy model : HM 2LTE-CMCC I'm actually using MIU8 (HM2XTD) -> Android version 4.4.4 KTU84P 1. What is the difference between those 2 roms (aside...