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    super wallpapers

    is mi 8 se has super wallpapers? if it has how can ı apply it?
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    [INFO] Confirmed Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    google play store keeps disappearing on mi 8 se after clean installation of mıuı 12 20.4.30 and if ı reboot ı see google play store in my apps again it happened 3 times to me
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    [20.4.30] [Mi 9] Volume slider bug

    same here after clean install to mi 8 se
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    New MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 Permission dialog error Mİ 8 SE

    I cant press "allow" or "ok" on permission dialogs in accessibility settings or in a VPN app whenever I got permission dialog but when ı reboot the phone or open and close the ultra battery saver mode I can click a short time only and after a short time again I cant click and I get that error in...
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    New MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 Mİ 8 SE Camera and Call Screen Error

    When i don't install modem file in turkey phone cant see the sim card but when i install this time sim card works but proximity sensor does not work so the portrait mode on camera goes green and don't work and call screen not blackout when i lean to my ear and my face and ear click randomly to...