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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.6/7

    I don't know, it's not our change... all you can do is disable "Show taps"... it's a Developer feature, not a decoration.
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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.6/7

    Not an option. Already done.
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    [WEEKLY] Confirmed Issues & FAQ

    That's why it's a beta.
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    Mi MIx3 5g - Beta rom eu and android Q

    No problem. Thanks for the useless spamming.
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    Resolved mi10 20.8.7 theme/message/messenger bug

    Downloads issue fixed, the rest is still uncertain.
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    Fixed. For now you can fix this yourself, just delete this folder with TWRP's File Manager: /system/priv-app/MiCalendarGlobal
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    Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra - Xiaomi.EU Rom support?

    Yes, can't see why not. Not the same case for Redmi K30 Ultra, though, as it's a MediaTek device.
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    Invalid Alarm creates error and phone keeps restarting over and over

    Doesn't sound like a ROM issue, rather a configuration issue. Factory reset should be enough to solve it.
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    Resolved Widevine L3 is present in Redmi Note 7 Pro

    DRM libs updated, hopefully it'll be fixed in next release.
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    Resolved [HMS2] HMS2_V12.0.4.0 (REDMI S2 YSL) bootloop

    ROM has been reuploaded again today to fix System launcher not detected issue.
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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.6/7

    That's how Xiaomi programmed it...
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    No idea. POCO F1 is an old device, it never had (and will never have) dynamic partitions.
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    Centered mirrored battery bar with charging animation

    Not sure what you're talking about exactly, but no, I doubt there's such thing for MIUI 12.
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    Poco f2 pro redmi startup logo

    No. We don't touch the boot logo and animation because POCO F2 Pro shares the same ROM with Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition, which isn't a POCO device. That been said, due to SafetyNet issues with POCO F2 Pro, we disabled the renaming of "Redmi K30 Pro" to "POCO F2 Pro" for the next release anyway.
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    Mi MIx3 5g - Beta rom eu and android Q

    1. This is a generic Android Q Beta ROM, it's not MIUI. 2. Xiaomi China has nothing to do with Mi MIX 3 5G. This device is exclusive to Xiaomi Global. Very useful information indeed... Not sure why you had to post that, everybody's waiting.