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    there is no option to make a log of it. the camera just closes without message. the only message that sometimes appears when screen stays black is that the camera is not reacting. hardwaretests are always ok without issues. do you have any suggestions how to make a log?
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    mi5s 3/64 camera still messed up. sometimes working, sometimes stays black, most times fc. anyone with mi5s got these problems too?
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    yes, was available in the morning but not anymore. think they want to test it first because of horrible failures in this update.
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    one thing with mi5s is the image quality of photos. the quality is always lower than displayed before in the screen. you could increase saturation and contrast to be near to that whats displayed in the seeker but there is much room for improvement.
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    mi5s 3/64 is working fine. rom is fast and smooth. main camera is also good, no crashes anymore. this could be my new favorite rom :) Thanks
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    Android 8.0 on mi5s. finally it's getting real :)
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    does Mi8 SE has hdmi connection?

    hello, as written in the title.. can the mi8 se be connected with a hdmi port on a flatscreen over the OTG port, so you can see the screen from the phone without lag (screen mirroring)? Thanks
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    mi5s 3/64 quickcharge still not working on an 2A charger like before. what's wrong with the new roms?
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    Quickcharge is not working since 8.8.3. 15-20 % per hour on a 2A charger is really bad. MI5S 3/64.
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    runs quite nice, very smooth. thx. mi5s 3/64
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    the last rom had a great battery life and was fast as hell. one time there was a random restart but thats not so bad. hope this is as good as the last one. but there is a problem with the clock widget. the numbers are cut off on the upper side. Further I can't upload a picture with miui browser...
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    works. very nice. thx
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    8.1.25 V2

    mi5s no connection to camera here to. with and without hdr. doesn't matter.
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    what happened to screen mirroring at mi5s? didn't find it anymore..