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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    Yes, that is a fair price...paid a similar amount for weatherbug Edit: But it sounds like polling is now irrelevant
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    Which browser?

    XScope here...just converted a few days ago.
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    FM Radio (Nexus One) audio stops working upon system sound

    Can you verify that if you are using another audio app (e.g. Music) the audio restarts after the notification sound?
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    FM Radio (Nexus One) audio stops working upon system sound

    Using 11.19 stock on a Nexus One, although I have noticed this bug since I have used MIUI and the FM Radio. If I am listening to the radio and receive a text, email, anything that prompts a system notification sound, the radio audio will stop (much like it would with any music player) but after...
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    Miui 0.11.19 english pack #3c (Nexus One / Desire)

    Not sure about charging display. Sorting can be found by selecting the edit image (after selecting a folder)
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    Miui 0.11.19 english pack #3c (Nexus One / Desire)

    That fixed it for me. The only thing I noticed was in the Business and Ink themes, there is still a chinese character
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    MIUI Music Application 0.11.19 English Translated!

    That did it for me, thank you.
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    Non-Facebook forum theme please!

    If you are using Chrome, I suggest this extension:
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    Feature Request: Add now playing (song - artist - ?album?) to lock screen

    Wasn't sure were to post this or if this is even possible but the one thing I am missing from the lockscreen music controls is information on the song currently playing. I often find myself unlocking the screen and opening winamp (or any music player) to look at which song is currently playing...
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    Is there a way to sync with MS Outlook on MIUI?

    I use Google Calendar Sync (Outlook plugin) and that syncs with my Google Calendar...which syncs with my phone. What else are you looking to sync?
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    Favorite rom

    Looks like you guys already met your goal, but I donated anway. Thanks for all the hard work.
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    Favorite rom

    How does one donate?