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    MIUI Calendar?

    You can add interesting calendars to your calendar. :b
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    I could pay probably up to $5-6 for it. Tho, can you sell someone else's app? I know a lot of work have been put down to make it work outside of China and that's why I'd pay for it. But I think it would feel more right to make a "server donation", I mean that's where the money will go anyways.
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    MIUI Changelog for 22nd week 1.1.21

    I have my fingers crossed that 1.1.21 is based on Gingerbread tho it's not very likely :b
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    Anyone having problems with N1's internal mic?

    Well to be more exact I thought the was the problem since you need a modded version of this file to use DSPManager. Even if you uninstall DSPManager you still have the modded .so-file. But since you haven't even used DSPManager I guess that's not the problem then.
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    Anyone having problems with N1's internal mic?

    I have problems with that too sometimes. Do you guys use DSPManager? I think it may have something to do with that but I'm not sure.
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    Gmail update

    Yeah, try to remove the apk with Root Explorer or uninstalling with Titanium Backup, then reboot your phone and try to install it again.
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    Can't update to the latest Gmail version

    Try to reboot too after removing the apk. That worked for me.
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    ***[MOD] Moviestar Black-MOD v6.2 for N1 & Desire***

    Edit: Never mind. I guess thay meant the custom bootanimation for this theme and not the original one.