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    Gingerbread Status Bar Icons

    There are some themes in the themes thread that I believe will change that.
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    24 Hour Bug in Statusbar

    Just wait for your device release today/tomorrow.
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    No 4g on EVO

    kek. It's okay, but just try and keep, especially questions like these as it was really device specific, in the device forums. Just helps make the mods lives easier.
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    Just checked mine, 4.7, and my minus is there.
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    Stupid question about folder

    Have you tried restarting? Did it pop to a different page?
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    No 4g on EVO

    Any reason this is in the bugs thread? At the least, this should be in the EVO thread.
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    Add contact to phone!

    At least you clarified. Thank you. Why would you ever want to add a contact to a non-backed up storage?
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    Officially Addicted to MIUI

    Ahhh, words I live my life by.
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    Landscape problem

    Menu > Settings > Display > Ensure auto-rotate is selected.
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    There's a great resource in the THEMES section of the forum. Use it.
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    4g? MIUI

    MOARGEEZ MOARGEEZ. Why would I post a question about the Evo rom in the Evo thread when I just want MOAR GEEZ
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    Incall screen bug!

    This is already known. Slide it up and it shows the menu.
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    Really biiiiiiiigggg bug !!

    Where's a logcat? Screenshots showing behavior?
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    DND Mode cannot block SMS from blacklist

    Have tested on my phone and confirmed that, a number added to the blacklist, with DND active and set to "ignore mms/sms notifications" everything comes through just fine. Calls, as previously stated, are blocked appropriately.