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    How to update core apps

    Hi. İ want upgrade my system apps, some apps can easily upgrade able but weather, calendar and other apps its cant update able. How can i upgrade them because i want new widgets, I thought about flashing the apk file from Twrp can upgrade system apps. What can i do
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    Switching to Stock kernel without backup

    Good evening. Friends, the new update came today and I switched to it, but I forgot to take a backup of the kernel. I want to try it because the performance mode came in this update. How do I return to the stock kernel without a backup?
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    New Screen goes gray

    Hi. Some apps and sometimes screen goes gray its like everytime i am watching hdr video when i open video on galery its goes gray. İt didnt Appear on screenshots. And the frame rate is going down 60fps İ installed 2 day ago this rom i switched aosp to miui Anyone can help?
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    Some apps are Gray

    Hi. Yesterday i opened youtube app and when i open app is Looks gray but when i close everythings is back normal today tiktok is gray how can i solve?
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    arrow os to miui

    hi everyone. today i switch to the arrow os but miui is better. now i cant mount data partition and i just want a switch miui again how can i do it? i hear its different to switch miui ( like normaly we just wipe cache, but aosp to miui its diffrent)can anyone tell me how can i return...
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    Re-apply default icons
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    Yes it working right now thanks alot of again
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    İ try to install wrong zip sorry
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    Did you check it out?
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    But when i try its saying its not magisk module? Can you check?
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    İ tryed right now but again its saying mount system
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    Wow thanks a lot of
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    İ am using mtz version its have problem i want use full version thanks for createing new magisk module
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    [ICON] MIUI icons

    Yes i have root