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    Redmi 3 Multirom Install Tutorial

    yes it works too
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    Trouble Flashing Redmi 3 With Miflash, Stuck On "send Hello Response"

    have you enabled debug usb and fastboot mode into developer option?
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    Redmi 3 Multirom Install Tutorial

    i have manually boot by fastboot command because at first start, one script run to fix twrp at default recovery
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    Redmi 3 Multirom Install Tutorial

    all right ;)
  5. Kayl88 Miflash Rom Conversion

    i have report my guide because you don't need to convert rom into fastboot rom.. for me.. is only my opinion.. in better unlock phone and install twrp and by twrp execute upgrade ;)
  6. Kayl88 Miflash Rom Conversion when i have time, i write same guide here in english
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    Rom For Redmi 3 Pro Is Ido?

    BECAUSE Redmi 3 PRO is not IDO. IDO is Redmi 3.
  8. Kayl88 Miflash Rom Conversion

    i have write an italian guide in another forum.. start from normal phone... flash china dev unlock flash twrp flash dev rom at this time.. your phone is stock?
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    Can't Flash The Developer Rom (neither Official Or

    first step: instal china developer by miflash, with phone in download mode. at this link, you can download fastboot version of china developer rom: 1) extract zip in a folder 2) open miflash 3) select folder where you...
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    MULTI 6.3.17

    Hello. this rom have italian, for redmi 3?
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    Unlock Bootloader Possible?

    not yet..
  12. Kayl88 Stable For Redmi3

    not work with mi-flash?
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    Miui 7.2 Stable And Global (coming Soon)

    Hello guys! Xiaomi miui 7.2 Stable china rolling out! miui 7.2 Global coming soon!
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    Redmi3 Multilanguage Rom

    i think it so too.. i havew read "wait 3 march" but i think is interesting post ;)
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    Redmi3 Multilanguage Rom

    yes i know.. i look it maybe 5-6 times every a day :D