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    TWRP unofficial build released for MIX 4

    So since today we have a working TWRP for the Xiaomi Mix 4!
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    MIUI 12.6 21.9.28

    Now that we have a working TWRP for the Mix4 is it possible to make a zip of the ROM instead of using fastboot?
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    I get the error MD5 checksum no match. Mix3 any optioneel?
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    Try to flash Eu rom on Mix 3 ?

    I don't see it either. Maybe you're confusing it with the mi max 3
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    How To Flash Rom

    You have to flash TWRP (Polaris) within fastboot. After that place the rom on the phone and flash it within TWRP. You will have to wipe data etc if im right. You can see the instructions in the official thread of the latest weekly build
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    So i want to install this rom on my Mi Mix 2S but which TWRP do i have to flash?