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    Not bugs but problem with apps in market

    I noticed that many apps like Timerffic, Tasker, not work on Miui. Tasker cant control SMS and Silent profiles, Rebel does not integrate with stock dealer. Developer of those apps said that changes done in Miui ROMs are not standard and therefore apps will not work.....
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    Rating bar half stars 1.9.2 & 1.9.9 N1

    same here on hd2
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    Delay In Answering Calls

    I don't think its an easy fix, otherwise it would have been fixed by now. I have had this issue forever.
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    Auto brightness off.

    same issue on HD2
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    HD2 1.8.26 Nand kernel open failed

    flashed kernel r11 and it works now...... without reboot.
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    MIUI 1.8.26 not detecting correct time zone

    same here....
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    HD2 1.8.26 Nand kernel open failed

    same problem here. had to use another Rom on xda. newer kernel and better gps libs by the way...
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    is there a reason why Launcherpro FCs in past 3 built?

    I tried installing it.... buy its the same thing. FCs at start up and on this new built it already FCed during normal operation....
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    Many new issues w/ 1.7.1 on HD2

    1. GPS is full of bugs, freezes Maps and reboots the phone 2. SMS app is slow and acting weird 3. Launcher Pro FC and/or freezes at start 4. Maybe not ROM issues but I think net is slower.
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    6.17 on HD2 "quiet on pickup" bug

    it quiets ring even if i dont pick up the phone...
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    1.6.3 Bugs

    just saw this Bugs forum for the first time.... 1. Theme manager FC on N1 2. Direct Dial icon click results in reboot on N1 3. All ROMs automatic brightness values cannot be adjusted on HD2 4. Kernel or Radio related......HD2 drops signal bars often from 5 to 0...etc. This is a known issue...