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    AX 3600 mesh not detected

    Hi guys, I would like to give you my experience with 1 AX6000 (Chinese ROM) and 2 AX3000 (Global). My configuration is 1 AX3000 as Master and the rest as mesh node. 1st experience - With AX6000 factory reset, I 've tried to put the @ShotokanZH script into AX3000 -> authentication failed. Why...
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    AX 3600 mesh not detected

    Hello everyone, has someone tried the script with the AX6000 (chinese ROM)? I have 2 AX3000 (Global) and 1 AX6000 (chinese) that I would like to mesh. With the physical buttons, I was able to mesh them but, with APP, the AX6000 doesn't appear but, in the Web interface, it's there (in mesh mode).
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    Ax3000 Chinese to Global Firmware

    Hi there, I need exactly the opposite. I've bought AX600' in chinese and I would like to put chinese ROM in my AX3000.