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    Help please

    If you flash the language pack on 1.4.1 it will default to the 12-hour format on the lock screen. I flashed 1.4.8 today which doesn't have that issue.
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    Google search does not work with 1.4.8

    Working great for me...
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    MIUI On Dell Venue Pro?

    I'm an EVO user. It is by far the best phone I've ever owned. It is the first phone that I haven't felt "stuck with" after the first year of a two year contract. I'm really not envious of any other devices soon to come either...well, maybe the Evo 3D, but that's another story. Anyway, there...
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    Switching Default Cameras?

    ZeroBarrier - Thank you! It works great with the stock camera. Not sure why the MIUI camera force closes from other apps, hopefully the next weekly addresses that. Thanks again!
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    Switching Default Cameras?

    The MIUI camera is set as my default camera. I did this after being asked which to use when taking a photo from within an app (Foursquare). After 1.3.25 the MIUI camera force closes anytime it's opened from within an app. I want to use the stock camera as default now, but setting a default...
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    Force Close When Rating Apps In Market | 1.3.25

    Maybe this will get fixed in the next weekly. I'm actually getting a LOT of Force Closes in apps all the time. I can't even use IMO.
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    Force Close When Rating Apps In Market | 1.3.25

    Whenever I try to rate an app through the market I get a force close. Anyone else? (MIUI details in signature)
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    Contacts are not in sync on 1.3.25

    I'm seeing the same thing. I have dual entries for people who are both in my Google contacts and Facebook contacts, who previously have been merged.