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    Why so iPhone-like?

    As see nobody answer the guy his question..I would propose something. Theme: there is a them in the theme manager that might give you more of a gingerbread feeling. I think it is called Ginger (something). Download it..and done... to get rid of the apps on the home screen... install any other...
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    Statusbar iPhone setup ???

    When opening any iPhone apps or any other place that is not the homescreens, the status bar change from black transparent, the the grey/opague white that is now already in MIUI 1.4.1. What you can do is create a wallpaper with a statusbar to go underneath what is there now to mimic the back...
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    Mark, First off, great job and thanks for all your effort. I'm questions are, you will be bringing beta 2 out, will there be an option to choose Celsius?? And also will there be a better way to install it. Thanks!!, I can wait till the MIUI ROM is release for Desire