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    Redmi 6 Problem

    hi bro,can you give me efs back up form ur phone phone brick bcuz i dnt have delete some partition.
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    Redmi 6 Pro toolkit

    guys i need efs bakcup of redmi 6 pro,fsg,modem1,modem2 can anyone help ?
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    Redmi 6 Pro efs back up needed

    hi guys, i need fsg,modem1,modem2 files pls can anyone help me ? bcuz my phone stuck on recovery said " nv data is corrupted " ?
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    Redmi note 6 pro EFS

    same here :( pleaseee,i got nv data is corrupted
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    [04/04/2019] [MI 8 *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*] Xiaomi MI 8 *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* Mod (Stable) [BSG]

    Thank you so much video stability works awesome best xiaomi *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* update ever.
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    MIUI 10 8.8.30

    Hi everybody,when i open update on my phone and check it its findigng 8.8.30 update but when i click download its giving error...can you help me ?
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    MIUI 10 8.8.23/24

    okay igor,thanks for your advises :)
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    MIUI 10 8.8.23/24

    hmm.check xiaomi mi a2 lite its global version of redmi 6 pro...and on that phone its possible to see icon of notifications on top
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    MIUI 10 8.8.23/24

    will it support in future later ?
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    MIUI 10 8.8.23/24

    so what should i do ? i just updated from updater...
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    MIUI 10 8.8.23/24

    can you check it out pls.
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    MIUI 10 8.8.23/24

    hi,i enable '' use app icons for notifications " after that i get any msg from imo,viber,skype but theres no any notification icon appear on the top.
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    MIUI 10 8.8.23/24

    Redmi 6 pro with new update... ''use app icons for notifications '' still not working... Please fix it thank you.
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    (NEW) Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro -- ROM update

    i did what you said until open flash_twrp.bat after that my phone started in twrp mode and now i dont have sd card and i try sideload but its not workıng...pleas help me