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    Music player won't do online download& problem#2, updates doesn't update in recovery?

    Generaly Music players are created to play music just as the name. If you want download any song from the net use sites or apps created for it. Besides you can download not only music but video as well and convert it on any format you want So try those sites. I hope you like it...
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    Music Player Lyrics Download

    Yes, but maybe the solution is to find useful video converter with lyrics downloader as well. It will save your time. Besides it's great to have such downloader in use
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    You can try this one it work on many platforms and is really reliable besides you can get downloader on your mobile.
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    How To Download Youtube Videos To My Xiaomi Note2?

    Yes I've tried them and many many more but since some time I've been using that one converter which save lots of my time:
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    Problem On My Screen

    Yes I'am sure that you have to fix ROM
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    Problem With Play Store

    I had the same problem with installation have you fix it?
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    I Installed By Error A Wrong Rom Zip File In My Mi5

    Yes I had the same problem, thanks guys!
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    How To Download Youtube Videos To My Xiaomi Note2?

    But do you know any converter which doesn't work this way - Copy and paste Url address?