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    MIUI 12.6 21.3.31/4.1/2

    Flashed on MI Note 10 (Tucana) : freezing and rebooting issues are solved. Works like a charm.
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    What do you think, order a Mi11 or wait for Mi11 Pro ...

    - Mi 11 - European Power Adapter - CECT-Shop checklist No charger, but only adapter That makes sense.... not Nice phone , congratz And you can use Miui+ Beta... as soon as you find a MIUI 12.5 version for your phone.
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    What do you think, order a Mi11 or wait for Mi11 Pro ...

    I still see it for 579 euro's at the bottom of the page (mainpage CECT-shop). Special edition for 619 euro. Don't see the 649 price tag.
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    What do you think, order a Mi11 or wait for Mi11 Pro ...

    Hmmm....Very temptimg to buy the Mi11, but as someone said... I would be so disappointed (in myself) when the Pro has so much nicer features. Hmmm... Let's wait. It has been a whole year of waiting... I will be strong and wait another 2 months :D
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    First Steps With A Ih Rice Cooker Outside China

    Thank you very much for this helpfull manual ! Everything´s fine now and it works like a charm.
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    [ROM][KK][4.4][2014-05-18] CyanogenMod 11.0

    Even though I have some issues with this version, I'm still very happy. Issues I have are : - Camera preview (as is everybody :) ) - Exchange mail will not synchronize (Known KitKat issue) - Some apps will not install (eg. Tripadvisor City Guide Paris & Sydney) - I´m a runner and...
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    Xiaomi MI2S Case

    Have this one too and I am very happy with it. No signs of loss of signal either.
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    [ROM] AOSP 4.4 by Ivan - Guide to install

    I have installed this and everything works great ! Thnx for guide & links (also to linuxx who also posted this) and lot of thnx to Ivan. I'm a happy camper :) Everything works fine so far and I have also noted that the battery has longer life then other miui and 4.3 versions I had installed.
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    Aosp 4.4 KitKat ROM AOSP by ivan

    Look at page 2 (post 30) for the correct link.