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    Sony WI-XB400 headphones not working with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    Hi, my Bluetooth headphones Sony WI-XB400 doesn't work properly with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Whenever I play some output (youtube video, Spotify music), after some time from 5 to 120 seconds the headphones stop playing the output. On the phone, the music / video continues to play, but with no...
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    [flashtool][mtk] Stable & 6.12.8 Dev (root)

    This saved my sorry butt. Ran the flash on another PC and voilá. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!
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    [flashtool][mtk] Stable & 6.12.8 Dev (root)

    Thanks, I will try. What stands out is that I can flash official Fastboot ROMs for MTK (stable china, dev china) without a problem. It is interesting that when flashing official rom, SP flash tools show all the lines with the file addresses (Such as preloader, userdata) full, but the custom ROMs...
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    Sp Flash Tools Say: Brom Error S_security_secure_usb_dl_image_sign_header_not_fou Nd (6045)

    Hey, whenever I try to flash my MTK device with a ported global rom (such as https //xiaomi eu/community/threads/flashtool-mtk-xiaomi-eu-8-0-1-0-stable-6-9-15-dev-root.33985/), I get an error as described above: BROM ERROR S_SECURITY_SECURE_USB_DL_IMAGE_SIGN_HEADER_NOT_FOU ND (6045) MSP ERROR...
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    [flashtool][mtk] Stable & 6.12.8 Dev (root)

    Hey, I tried flashing not only yours, but several Global MIUI 7/8 ROMs for MTK with SP Flash tool, 8.0, 7.5, 7.3 and 6.6, but they all gave me (preloader ticked/unticked) the error: BROM ERROR S_SECURITY_SECURE_USB_DL_IMAGE_SIGN_HEADER_NOT_FOUND (6045) MSP ERROR CODE. Google revealed nothing. I...
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    Oem Unlock Problems + General Flashing Problems

    Hello, I cannot find OEM Unlock; I currently have the official Chinese developer ROM from the official MIUI pages "Fastboot". Redmi Note 3 MTK Latest China Developer Version Fastboot File Download <--- This one Redmi Note 3 MTK Latest China Stable Version Fastboot File Download I have tried...