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    Mix3 updated from My Device. Everything is fine, root and magisk is working. I cannot find option to rearange screens. Can someone help me remember where it is? I cannot move them on the Set default screen option.
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    Mi Mix 3 same problems with PiP
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    TWRP Mi Mix 3

    Great news!!!
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    TWRP Mi Mix 3

    I didn't notice any.
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    TWRP Mi Mix 3

    Here is it: TWRP Recovery 323-0214 Mi Mix3 I already tried it and it is working fine for now.
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    TWRP Mi Mix 3

    Can someone please download newest TWRP recovery for Mi MIX3 and add to downloads. Thank you! Baidu link - download newest TWRP from 02.14.2019. I cannot create account and cant download it. Tried everything. Access password is: 16sq Original thread is here.
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    Posted in another thread, sorry. You can delete this post. Thank you!
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    Any way to unlock bootloader without having to wait 360 hours for every phone? I am willing to pay for a solution! Thank you!