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    1.2.11 cant send pictures. please help.

    i have 1.2.11 and before i couldnt send or recieve picture messages. i did a factory reset and re-downloaded it and flashed it again through recovery. now i can recieve pictures but i still cant send them. please help Sent from my HTC Incredible using the Forums App
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    keyboard draft problem

    does anyone know a keyboard i can use that doesnt close on its own or save a draft after i send the message. im getting kinda tired of it. i have miui version v0.6 (1.2.11) with the Uiphone4 theme
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    lanscape keyboard not working?

    when i use my landscape keyboard and i type the words im typing dont show up until i turn my phone back to the vertical keyboard. does anyone know how to fix this? i have an htc incredible if that matters