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    [TUTORIAL] disable bubbles notification in MIUI

    Thank you!! Your method solved the pain in the ass Telegram chat bubble in my brand new Redmi Note 10 Pro.
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    GPS inaccurate

    I don't want to go back to Global ROM anymore since it contains forced advertisement. I hope Xiaomi EU team can solve this Mi 8 GPS issue. Currently, I'm using my Huawei P20 with EMUI 9 as my daily driver and never had any weird issue while using Google Maps navigation.
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    GPS inaccurate

    I stopped using my Mi 8 because of this never-ending GPS issue. I'm not sure what the developers at Xiaomi doing with Mi 8 development. They advertise this phone with a Dual-GPS capability, yet their GPS performance in real life is messed up big time. This GPS inaccuracy issue happens both with...
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    I just realized the GPS is buggy with the latest weekly releases for Mi 8 (dipper). It cannot accurately lock current position and while driving with Google Maps on, the position just frequently keeps changing between left and right road lanes (I'm actually driving on the left side) but the...
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    Got my MI 8 today. Should I flash to get rid of bloatware?

    Xiaomi.EU also has all those useless apps as well, but you can easily remove them with Titanium Backup.
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    [mod] Original Miui Icon's On

    I prefer Xiaomi EU implementation rather than the original MIUI. Even, it's one of the main reasons I changed my ROM to EU releases.
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    Already tried this before, it can boot back to the desktop, however with a few annoying glitches and a few apps force closes. Better do a clean install.
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    Ok, found it and now it fixed. I can set the new ringtones! Thank you!
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    Can't find this app in Settings > Manage apps. Where to find it?
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    Just noticed this sneaky app named Sounds by Google because of your post! I also found out that it just requested automatic updates in Play Store while I connected to office's Wifi. Don't know how to use it either, it just Force Closed when I choose this app from Ringtone Settings.
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    I'm very confident with this week's weekly update for Mi 8 (dipper). Haven't seen any single problem yet, everything's smooth as silk. Flashed the Magisk 18.0 straight away after applying the weekly update and it doesn't have any issue at all, AdAway is also working as intended to block any...
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    Just got the update notif on my Mi 8 and then I go straight to download page!
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    MIUI 10.0/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4 STABLE RELEASE

    I know that we can change it in settings. However, do you think it would be create any issue for any application that requesting some device's localization parameters if the country code didn't match, such as local content for Google Play Store, Maps, etc?
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    MIUI 10.0/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4 STABLE RELEASE

    It's the same thing. However, you need to edit the build.prop file and change the ro.miui.region=YOUR COUNTRY CODE. You need to edit it manually as MIUI EU didn't give any easy way to change it accordingly.
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    8.12.6 v2

    With the latest update for Mi 8 (dipper), my Whatsapp Web is not working anymore... The camera cannot recognize the QR code for WA Web. Anyone here experienced the same issue? *edit: It's working now after a couple of restarts. It's weird, though... *edit: AdAway also not working, even after...